HS-CC-Final The Heelside Core Crew

Despite our outward appearance the Heelside Core Crew or HSCC is comprised of the skate world’s most elite crew of reporters and contributors. The HSCC are a dedicated crew of individuals operating out of the Gold Coast of Australia and the West Coast of the United States. Poorly edjucated, the Core Crew prefers a tongue and cheek approach to the world media. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously, and we hope you don’t either. That being said the HCSS takes no hesitation in getting our hands dirty. We like putting ourselves in the line of danger and getting every last bit of action. Our goal is to keep Heelside Magazine directly on the pulse of skateboarding while bringing in a good mix of outside influences in our content. As much as we love the world of downhill skateboarding we feel it is equally important to keep a solid connection to the world of arts, music, culture, and other sports.

Kurt Nischel

Turning wheels since 1980, Im a self confessed boardsports junkie, whether it’s skating a mini ramp with mates. Bombing some hills whilst taking the dogs for a run. Shredding some mountain powder somewhere O.S, or finishing up a day in the office kitesurfing some 25 knot NE winds. If I’m not moving on a board, then I’m either writing, photographing or organising our next Issue. Some people call me hyperactive ….

Lucas Herrington

Prone to whimsical daydreamery, unforeseen disappearing acts and random emotional outbursts, Mr Herrington remains something of a head scratch to the staff at HSHQ. Born caesarean with a black eye in Mullumbimby hospital, NSW Australia in 1981, Lucas’s doctors feared he had water on the brain due to his unusually large head. Later studies however, suggest that he just thinks about heaps of stuff and also has quite a thick skull. Psychological research has revealed the nervous twitch in his left eyelid to be caused by a disturbing scene from 1984 film ‘The Neverending Story’ whereby Atreyu he horse disappears into a swamp, and further medical research revealed an embarrassing deformity in Lucas’s right elbow which drastically hinders his toeside rail grab and the ability to wipe his own arse. If anybody has any details on Lucas’s whereabouts please inform social services or call 1300SPACECADET or visit PLEASE NOTE, it is strongly advised that you DO NOT suggest to Lucas that he is in fact not Voltron.

Thor McLean

In an era where where smoking in cars with children and no seat-belts worn was encouraged and not illegal. Thor was born illegitimate to a woman and a man in the south east of Queensland. He was then bundled off to the British Isles to live in a bandicoot cave. which isn’t easy as there are no Bandicoots in the British Isles and bandicoots don’t commonly live in caves. Thor left the cave and immersed himself in the streets of Britain, finding himself in various institutions along the way. With a view of getting back to the Land of OZ, he joined a band of pirates. Only to find himself locked in a seedy, secret location, spinning records illegally for a pirate radio station. Fed on just strange fruits, alcohol and fat tunes, Thor soon learnt to adapt, fine tuning his skills as a card dealer and seed planter. It was at his darkest hour that Thor claims to have found himself at the entrance of a portal. At this portal he was greeted by a bald man from the future who said “Welcome back to Oz Thor. Grab a board on the way in and go find stokeness!” It is rumored that editor from Heelside Magazine has links to this bald man from the future, who goes by the name of; Dr Spice! Thor is here to unravel the mystery and deepen the confusion.

Adam Yates

Wantoks wats crackin? It be yatedawg comin atcha, Bout to drop a frothin beat and try some lyrical theatre, I holla from the Goldy, east coast stylin down the beach, Diggin holes, pissin on trees, bowls n bitches, err thangs in reach, It’s the coast, it’s gold, Do my time here till I be grey an old, Listen Wen I say, I think I may, Smell some delights, Mmmm sample! Is it one dawg or two, 6 legs is true, I be deep within, some say pitted, It’s wat I live for, to be locked in tight, Fully fitted, Turnin wheels or chewin phones, It all gives me hella bones, Mongrel to some, Al dente to others, Passin on da stoke to me sistas and brudas! Peace

Jp Rowan

Hailing from somewhere on the west coast of North America, my life has been dedicated to the time waste know as skateboarding ever since I discovered the magic of soft wheels and loose trucks. As an overly ambitious broke joke, I tend to have the habit of biting off more than I can chew. For close to a decade I have spent my efforts trying to grow the Portland skate community through mass brainwashing and unconsentual injections of stoke among the youth. I enjoy hosting skateboarding events and get a raging hard-on every time I convince one of my subordinates to risk life and limb doing something I would never consider. I was recently recruited by the Heelside crew to be a slave driver at the helm of the global Heelside Core Crew. You can now official blame me for all the horrible content you have been exposed to… I hope you have a lovely day, and please try your best not to kill yourself.